How to Find Quartiles in Excel – 1 Easy Formula

Excel makes it super easily to find quartiles within a dataset thanks to a handy built in formula that does the work for us. This guide will run through the formula that is used and break down the syntax with an example.

The QUARTILE Formula

To find quartiles in Excel simply use =QUARTILE(array, quart) and select the cells for our array of data, followed by the quartile value that you are looking to identify from min, 1st, median, 3rd and max.

The five accepted values for quart in our formula are as follows:

  • 0 – Minimum Value
  • 1 – First Quartile (25th Percentile)
  • 2 – Median Value (50th Percentile)
  • 3 – Third Quartile (75th Percentile
  • 4 – Maximum Value

Lets look at a quick example of the outputs of this formula. Our sample dataset is as follows:

To calculate the first quartile our formula would be:


Resulting in an output of 17.

Below is a quick breakdown of all 5 variations of the formula for our dataset, and the associated outputs:

Formula for Quartiles in Excel

As we can see, calculating quartiles in Excel is made incredibly quick and easily thanks to the built in QUARTILE formula.

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